Textile Art

I made these for my daughter’s wedding. I have worked other textiles, mostly 1st class muppet-style puppets. Most of those I lost in Katrina. And due to a recent PC crash what few pictures I’ve had of any of them are lost as well. Puppet making is a long an laborious process. Although I love the results I don’t see doing those again in my future. I never say “never” though.

Each of the hats above are hand handcrafted and hand sewn from scratch, before the  decorations were added; with the exception of the Mother of the Bride hat which started as a felt blank that I trimmed and steam shaped, silk lined, and trimmed with piping. The bows and ribbon rosettes are also handcrafted by me. I made other hats and hair decorations for this wedding but things got so crazy in the end I failed to get pictures of them.

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