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  • Yes, It Is Possible

    A short time ago I got a comment from Darlene Warner on my fan art piece featuring Thorin Oakenshield. She said she didn’t know such an art process was possible. So I thought I’d take some time today to  answer that in detail.


    And to those who equally  wonder about this process.

    Yes. This type of art is indeed possible. I, myself, did not know it was possible in that time before I was asked to illustrate my first children’s book. Until then, I thought Photoshop was strictly for photo enhancements and collages of photos, to create that magic we see in magazines and on book covers. I knew that some digital art comes from photos that have been manipulated and filtered to make them look like paintings. And many, like me, who see actual digital art for the first time, think that this is what they are seeing when what they are seeing has been done totally from scratch. Just the artist, maybe a reference, and Photoshop.

    In the beginning, I was amazed to find out that you could draw with the program. I was further amazed to find out how many professional illustrators turn to Photoshop to produce their work, in other words draw and paint on screen with it to produce professional quality illustrations, cartoons and animations.

    And then I discoveredd speed painting videos. I was blown away and fully in love. I have recently acquired the software to work on my own videos but for now I am sharing these videos contributed by other artists to show you the process.

    Note that these are not my videos and I do not own the rights to them.


    So if, like me, you have now fallen in love with this process, here is a look at the graphics board I use.



    I suppose I will have to do a post on the various graphics tablets in my next post. Until then you should go check out more speed painting videos. They are quite impressive, and if you are an artist, inspiring, to watch.

    Thank you for your interest, Darlene.