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WELCOME to my website.


One thing you will see if you visit my pages for any amount of time is that my art here is truly eclectic. There is a reason for that besides the fact that I love doing all of it. I still haven’t found the one style that I am ready to settle into yet. And the truth is, as a stay at home mom for many years, one who chose to home school my children and aspire to be a writer at the same time, I  did not spend the time on art over the years that I probably should have. Until a few years ago I was a sporadic painter, mostly gravitating to  waterfowl and other aviary species. I ventured out from time to time to other subjects. But I was never happy with my skill level and so preferred to write with whatever time I had for my own.

Then I was asked to illustrate a book and thereby discovered my true medium. I have developed a passion for digital art. Yet the more traditional subjects still call me and the fantasy subjects that digital artist love to paint entice me. So for now, I am trying to find my niche. In the meantime fasten your seat belts for this eclectic roller coaster that I am on now that my children are grown and I have more time to split between my two passions.

I hope you enjoy what you see here. Unfortunately my blog is a little sparse at the moment due to a site crash last year. I hope to change all of that.




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